Welcome to the Barrier Island Rugs!

Bring a pop of color, brighten up a room and make a space happy with a Barrier Island Rug. They are great for all rooms, all areas of the house, from highest trafficked to the lowest, from Summer homes to Beach houses, from mountains to the ocean and more. They look great installed on stairways too.

Barrier Island Rugs are Hand loomed, Hand dyed, Reversible, Flatweave rugs imported from India. Our Wool Rugs are quite durable, almost quarter an inch thick and well bodied; they can withstand heavy traffic fairly well. Cotton Rugs are cool and fun; good for light to moderate traffic.

Design and Color possibilities are enormous, start with simple Stripes, go Squares do Borders, Greek Keys, Trellis, Chevrons and more. At Barrier Island Rugs we encourage you to design your own Custom Rug, with our Standard designs and colors or with your Custom design and colors….

The Wool rugs come in Standard Sizes like 4x6, 5x7, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12 & 10x14 (feet) and we have good back up stock most of the time. Wool Rugs can be ordered in runners and Custom Sizes from 2x3 up to 20x40 feet. Cotton Rugs are made to order only, from 2x3 up to 10x15 feet and runners.

We are primarily B2B setup but if you are a consumer interested to look at or buy our rugs, we can help you find a dealer/designer near you. Go to our Contact Us page.

Come explore the world of Barrier Island Rugs ………